Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Binibining Pilipinas Candidate Roxanne Cabañero resigns from the pageant after being linked to nude photos | Roxanne Cabañero Photo Scandal

"Too hot to handle!" This apparently the reason why Binibining Pilipinas 2011 finalist Roxanne Cabañero was asked to resign from the beauty pageant which she later did.

Yes, the rumor linking early favorite Venus Raj look-alike Roxanne Cabañero to a Filipina porn star whose nude photos are posted on the web was getting too HOT prompting the Bb. Pilipinas organizers to ask the candidate to resign.

Supposedly candidate number 7, the 24 year-old Cebu City native Roxanne Cabañero felt the need to let go of her dream of becoming a representative of the Philippines to international beauty competitions after all the pressure surrounding her. She denied all the allegations thrown upon her and filed a complaint to the one who started the rumor who is still being determined by the National Bureau of Investigation.

Based on my little research, the issue seemed to have started when someone from a forum site claimed that he/she has proofs that Roxanne Cabañero used to be a porn star when she was younger. After posting links to atleast 3 sets of nude photo shoots, the person added that the scar on the arm of the one on the nude photos and Roxanne's are too similar to deny. A blog was also made by the person to prove this.


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