Friday, March 4, 2011

Gold Earings - Latest Fashion Trends

Gold earings is a precious metal that has been used for money and jewelry for the longest time. As jewelries , these were not only used for ornamentation but as status symbols, and many elaborate pieces were made to showcase it.gold is real is by biting it. If it is real, it should be easily marked by the teeth because gold is considered to be a soft metal. Some can cheat the biting test though by painting gold over the lead. As lead is also a soft metal, it can pass the bite test. This is something you have to be careful of because lead can poison a person.

The popularity of gold earing has been recognized since time immemorial that it was even mentioned in the Bible. It was one of the gifts the three magi gave Jesus Christ. Stories about gold were also popular like King Midas who turns anything he touches into gold. The clamor for owning vast amounts of gold has lead many people trying to discover how to make gold, thus, the alchemists.

Alchemists tried to produce gold from other substances like lead by allowing the metals to interact with what they believed to be the philosopher’s stone. They may have failed at their attempts, but the process did lead them to the beginnings of chemistry. Thanks to gold!


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