Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kangna packs up early! - Latest Bollywood News Gossips

Mumbai, March. 1 -- Morning my mint ki golis! How goes it with you this morning? It's been rather amusing for moi, thanks to the contradicting reports I'm hearing of late. So much so that by the end of the day, people are asking me to confirm what exactly is true and what's not!

Not that I'm claiming to be cat's whispers, but more amusing is the number of people who aspire to be so. Anyways, without wasting another breath or second on insignificant nothings, let's get started with your dose of daily goss For starters, I've just been informed that Kangna Ranaut has made a special request to Sanjay Dutt to allow her to return to Mumbai earlier.

Reason: She's pleased with the feedback her Tanu Weds Manu has garnered at he box-office and she wants to promote it to keep it going for some more time. Sher Lock Holmes tells me that the actor and producer of Rascals understood her predicament and ensured that her Bangkok portions were shot first and she was allowed to leave early.

More so since their last outing, No Problem, resulted in the distributors facing a big problem when the projected laugh-riot brought tears in their eyes. Tsk! And that's not all. I'm told that her other good buddy and co-actor Ajay Devgn to helped her make special arrangements for her return to Mumbai the day she packed up.

The two became such good friends after working together in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai that the actor was strongly recommending her for his next action film, Singham, helmed by Rohit Shetty. Chalo, badhiya hai.


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