Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Katie Holmes Sues Tabloid For $50 Million - Hollywood news Gossips

DRUG SHOCKER: The shocker is that they printed this!
Katie Holmes is seeking damages of $50 million from American Media, the owner of celebrity gossip tabloid Star, based on a recent cover story.

The lawsuit, over a cover extreme even by Star standards, takes issue with reports that Katie is on drugs, and was filed in federal court in L.A.

Star's "vicious lies about plaintiff, designed to hype sales of a sleazy tabloid magazine, were calculated to cause severe harm," reads the suit.

"The average reader (would invariably) believe that plaintiff has become shockingly addicted to drugs. There is no other way to understand them."

The suit continues: "The cover even created the false impression that, but for plaintiff's nightmare drug addiction, she would 'leave' her husband."

In a statement, AMI said it stood behind the story in Star, which also raised eyebrows for reporting Jason Trawick beat up Britney Spears last year.

Inside, the magazine backs off the claim of addiction, citing incidents in which Holmes joins Scientology sessions where an "e-meter" is used.

Used in the controversial group’s auditing sessions, e-meters allegedly measure electrical resistance and reflecs past emotional experiences.

The article states that the electrical device might release endorphins, or "hormones that cause a pain-killing, mood-elevating effect."

A Scientology member (not Tom Cruise) is quoted as saying about using the e-meter, "Like a heroin addict, you want another dose."

Yup, better get ready to pay up guys.


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