Friday, March 4, 2011

Lindsay Lohan: Ready to Talk Plea Bargain? - Hollywood News Gossips

Lindsay Lohan has her own version of the prisoner's dilemma going on.

If she fights the felony grand theft charge against her tooth and nail, she could, at least in theory, pull a legal rabbit out of her hat and beat the rap.

But, not only does she risk losing in court, a pissed-off judge could also revoke her probation and remand her into custody for the length of the trial.

We can do this the easy way or the hard way ...

Therefore, a plea bargain could be her best shot at doing a relatively short stint behind bars, as the D.A. could go (relatively) easy if she cooperates.

But will she?

Lindsay's lawyer and the prosecutor have been trying to hammer out a plea bargain but have hit a wall, so the judge will try to break the impasse.

Shawn Holley and Dannette Meyers both want to end Lindsay's felony grand theft case with a plea, but Meyers won't budge on six months in jail.

Holley's plan is to ask the judge what sentence he'd hand down if LiLo pleads guilty or no contest, hoping that he'll agree to closer to three months.

Both Meyers and Holley believe Lindsay will only do 20 percent of the actual sentence because of overcrowding, which is what happens typically.

So, if Judge Keith Schwartz gave Lindsay three months, she'd only serve 18 days, which really isn't that bad for a potential felony necklace heist.

Schwartz is known as a settlement judge, so it's likely a deal can be struck if Lindsay accepts she's going to do some jail time, no matter what.

For a recap of why she's in this mess, and why she's unlikely to get out of it scot free, THG broke down the situation last week in The Pulse ...


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