Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Refuses Plea Deal Involving Jail

Lindsay Lohan Refuses Plea Deal Involving Jail

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is doing all she can to negotiate the best possible plea deal for a client who, in legal parlance, is up s--- creek without a paddle.

The troubled star has other ideas about how to proceed, however.

Lindsay Lohan doesn't care what Shawn Chapman Holley is trying to work out with the D.A., and is still steadfastly refusing to plea bargain if it involves jail time.

Back Before the Judge
DENIAL: The writing is on the wall, but LiLo won't read it.

Facing felony grand theft charges for allegedly pilfering a $2,500 from a jewelry store, and already on probation for her 2007 DUI case, she's up against it.

Nevertheless, Lohan insists on going to trial in the hopes she will win and clear her name. Apparently the train wreck is unaware of how probation works.

Holley, D.A. Danette Myers and Judge Keith Schwartz will meet week to get a feel for how much time Lindsay Lohan will be sentenced to with a guilty plea.

Given that her probation can be revoked at the judge's sole discretion, LiLo could be sitting behind bars one way or the other. Thus Holley's maneuvering.

Lohan doesn't care what kind of deal Holley gets, even if it means being locked up for merely a few weeks, though. She wants no part of it, end of story.

Lindsay wants to go to trial, feeling the surveillance tape will clear her name. It's a terrible gamble by all accounts, but one she seems hell bent on taking.



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