Thursday, March 3, 2011

Makeup Ideas - Latest Fashion Beauty Tips

Women wear makeup using makeup ideas for different reasons. Primarily, women use makeup to prettify their face – to enhance their best features and to improve their weak spots. Women, since time immemorial, have always had issues with aging – growing old and looking old. However, not all kinds of makeup is right for you. Women who have just learned how to apply makeup usually get overexcited and head out the door to buy the latest makeup products to sport the latest makeup trends without considering their age and the makeup that will suit them best. As a means to fight the cruel effects of time as far as their beauty is concerned, women employ various makeup techniques and makeup ideas.

It is important to use makeup that is appropriate to your age. This makeup idea is great advice so you can avoid looking fake or too trying hard. While makeup can help you look fresh and young, it can also make you appear worn out and a fashion disaster. There are rules that will help you decide whether to purchase a bright shade of lipstick or to go with a darker hue.

If you are an adolescent or a teenager, you don’t need too much makeup because time is on your side: your youth is your greatest asset. Play it up and emphasize it, instead of hiding it under layers of drab makeup. Furthermore, this is the time in your life where acne breakouts tend to happen. To avoid having acne problems, wear makeup only when necessary, such as on a big school event or on a date. Go for a sheer foundation that is water-based and oil-free, eye shadow in natural hues, no or little mascara, a clear gel blush if you have dry skin and a powder blush if you have oily skin, and a lightly tinted lip gloss.

If you are a twenty-something, your makeup should reflect the full bloom of womanhood. The trick is to choose colors that match the colors of your eyes, skin tone, and disposition, and to keep everything light and simple. Use a light foundation, light powder blush, a lightly tinted lipstick. During evening affairs, you can switch to a more sophisticated look by choosing darker shades.

If you are a thirty-something, signs of aging may have started to appear on your face, including crow’s feet and fine lines. This is the time when you need to tone down your makeup palette. Go heavy on your foundation, but still opt for light, muted blush and eye shadow. Frosted makeup products are meant to target women at this age, but they actually only enhance your wrinkles so stay away from them.

If you are a forty-something, signs of aging are probably more obvious. To avoid further damage to the skin, wear makeup that offers protection and is made from gentle ingredients. Use an oil-based foundation if you have dry skin or a powder foundation if you have oily skin, and put a light base on your facial wrinkles. For dark spots and dark circles under your eyes, use concealer, preferably in a cream form. To give you color and warmth, apply light blush on your cheeks. Once you hit fifty, avoid using shades of blue and red, as well as frosty, metallic, and shiny colors.


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