Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Megan Fox Has ‘A Really Fast Metabolism’, Says Her Trainer

Megan Fox Has ‘A Really Fast Metabolism’, Says Her Trainer

Megan Fox Has A Really Fast Metabolism, Says Her Trainer | beauty body image

Megan Fox’s trainer recently opened up about the star’s shrinking figure – and he says that it’s not the result of a diet / eating disorder / excessive training, but of a very fast metabolism. From Hollywood Life:
“Believe it or not she has this really fast metabolism,” explains Harley. “So her training is all about body toning and sculpting. With her its really about she’s eating enough of the rightthings. People thought ‘Oh she must be anorexic’ but she’s far from that! In fact, Harley reveals, Megan gets very upset when she hears people think she has an eating disorder, especially since she struggles to gain weight. “She gets frustrated at times because she’s like ‘I need to put on weight.’ So she actually weight-trains to keep on that lean muscle tissue.”
Hmm… that’s quite interesting, considering that Megan Fox once said that in order to lose weight after Transformers…
“I just stopped eating. I don’t eat very healthy anyway.”
“I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for myself. I think I could survive a week without eating.”
What else did Megan’s trainer say?
The 5 factor fitness trainer went on to explain the kind of training he does with Megan to make her stomach toned and muscular. “The key to Megan’s abs is first of all genetics,” Harley says. “The second is that we train her abs on all three planes. It’s not just about crunch, crunch, crunch. It’s about working her body up and down and side to side and rotation. We train all three of her rectus abdominis, her obliques and her corset muscle to make sure that her abs are not just tight and strong but small. The corset pulls it all in.”
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