Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Mula Sa Puso" Remake Cast revealed! | Lauren Young, Jm de Guzman, Enrique Gil take lead roles

After the overwhelming success of its remake on Mara Clara, ABS-CBN will again bring back to our TV screens another well-loved teleserye hit in the past. The 1997-1999 drama series, Mula sa Puso which brought Claudine Barreto, Rico Yan and Diether Ocampo to superstardom, is now being taped and will be aired on the Kapamilya network soon.

So far the biggest break of her career, young actress Lauren Young will be the new Claudine in this remake and will be playing the role of Via. It will also be a wish-come-true for newcomers JM de Guzman and Enrique Gil because they have been chosen to portray the roles of Gabriel (originally played by Rico Yan) and Michael (Diether Ocampo's role), respectively.

Also part of the cast are veteran actor Gabby Concepcion as Via's father Don Fernando, Eula Valdez as Selina and Dawn Zulueta as Via's Mom, Magdalena.

Mula sa Puso 2011 will be directed by Wenn Deramas who also directed the original series.

Here's the plot of the 1997 Mula Sa Puso courtesy of wikipedia:
Via (Claudine Barretto), the only daughter of Don Fernando (Juan Rodrigo), is raised as his darling princess. On her eighteenth birthday she finds out that her father has promised her (hand in marriage) to her childhood friend Michael (Diether Ocampo), and before the birthday party is over, she gets kidnapped. She is rescued by a good samaritan named Gabriel (Rico Yan), whom she falls in love with. Michael at the latter part of the story became romantically involved with Via's best friend, Trina (Rica Peralejo). As the story unfolds, Via ends up having to decide between the two men in her life, while learning more about her mother Magda (Jaclyn Jose) and fighting off her evil aunt Selina, (Princess Punzalan), who is the sister of Don Fernando who wants to make all of them miserable before Selina's defeat.

In the story, Selina was one of the most influential character, due to her greediness in power and wealth of Don Fernando ( Juan Rodrigo), her brother. She used people in order to manipulate them when a bombing in the departure of Via and her family to start a new life begins, Via lives a new identity but comes back to her family, and they all face Selina one last time in dignity.


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