Friday, March 4, 2011

Silk Pashmina Shawls - Latest Fashion Trends

Bass silk shawls hmina

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of silk Bchmina shawls from India.
Us, and experience and sense of perception and beauty of pure silk ‘pashmina’
shawls cashmere with embroidery unrivaled by weavers from the valley. Gloss and softness of silk Bchmina and this is reflected in the collection of temptation and captivates the viewer to buy all designs pashmina.

Sufi Jamawar shawls

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Jamawar shawls from India. Jamawar shawls and wool made of wool from Hircus Capra goats, known to the world as the “cashmere” or correctly called “Pashm”. Experiences in terms of design and color combinations make woolen shawls jamawar unique in many aspects. You will find a harmonious coexistence of modern, contemporary and ethnic designs in our group.

Viscose shawls
We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of viscose shawls from India. For luxury and elegance, viscose shawl is unequaled. Appropriate for both day and evening on the occasion of these shawls reflect perfect synchronization between tradition and modernity. Amazing design patterns unique to our viscose shawls are the charisma of a great craftsmanship lightness. Authentic, unique, timeless and fashionable; experience to date with the charm and class.


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