Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tom Cruise isn’t coming to India for MI 4: Anil Kapoor - News Gossips

Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise isn’t visiting the country, as widely speculated, to shoot a portion of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (MI 4). His co-star in the film, Anil Kapoor insists Tom “isn’t coming to India simply because of logistics problems.”

“Tom is fascinated with India and wants to visit the country. But he isn’t coming to shoot for MI 4,” says Kapoor. However, sources close to a line production company inform that the MI 4 team had initially, made enquiries about shooting in Rajasthan but they were “quite doubtful about the security and hassle.”

Anil“MI 4 team was a little sceptical about the kind of hassle other Hollywood stars went through, while shooting in India. And they were worried about the safety of their unit members, especially Tom. Plus, they had very elaborate and expensive requirements for the set construction to match their film’s look,” says the source, adding they haven’t heard from the MI 4 team for a long time.

Paramount studios, too, confirm that neither Tom nor any other member of the cast will be visiting India to shoot. “Only a part of the film’s second unit direction team will be in India briefly to shoot exterior shots for the movie. And no cast members will be present,” says Katie Martin Kelley, EVP (publicity), Paramount Pictures.


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